March 2019

Dear Crawford community,

I can’t believe it is already time to change the clocks again and Spring Break is right around the corner.
We have accomplished many great things in the first three quarters of school but it is now time to show
that the great work will result in increased achievement for our students.

Beginning on March 18th our students will participate in the statewide CMAS assessment. CMAS is used
to measure the great strides all Colorado schools are making including Crawford. The teachers and staff
of Crawford have worked hard to prepare your student for success on these tests. In order for your
son/daughter to have the best chance for success on CMAS we have provided additional information
that will support your students’ success.

• Make sure that you understand why schools give the CMAS and how the information will be used.
• Make sure that your child gets a good rest the nights before the test.
• Make sure your child has a nourishing breakfast on the mornings of the tests. We serve breakfast each
morning beginning at 8:15AM.
• Plan ahead to ensure that your child is present and on time for the test. Please do not plan any
medical or dental appointments on testing days.

Ask Your Child To:
• Listen to the directions carefully when the teacher gives out the test.
• Read the questions carefully and all of the choices, before making a decision.

Remind Your Child:
• It is helpful to eliminate some of the answer choices that you think are wrong.
• It is better to tackle each question one-at-a-time, rather than thinking about the whole test all at
• If you finish early, check your answers.

We are excited about your students’ success on the upcoming tests and we appreciate your support
during this time.

I want to thank our Parents in Action groups for their tremendous work in solving the traffic problems
here at Crawford. We are still working with the city to solve this problem. Please be on the look out for
upcoming traffic meeting dates with the city. Your voice is very powerful in helping us solve this
problem. Together as a team we will make a difference.

Please mark your calendar: We will have a normal day of school on Thursday March 21st. We will have
no school on March 22nd . On March 22nd we will have READ plan conferences for students by
appointment. Please make sure you join us at your scheduled time to receive updated information on
your child’s progress.

Just a reminder that if you do not live in the Crawford boundaries and you wish to continue to attend
Crawford for the 2019-2020 school year, you must submit updated open enrollment paperwork.

Thank you again for all the support you have given Crawford this year. We look forward to continuing to
work together to ensure that we have a great end to this school year.

Please be sure you visit our website for all upcoming events and important information. Our website
address is We regularly update this site. Please check it out!

Thank you again for putting students first! I appreciate the community and the support you have given

Michael Abdale


Crawford Elementary School