December 2018

Dear Crawford community,

The beginning of the holiday season has started. I am amazed at how quickly it seems to come and how quickly they seem to pass. It has become a tradition for Crawford to embark on service opportunities to help others during the holidays. Our school will continue those traditions this year.  I want to thank all of our families who attended our second community dinner. What a great night of providing parents the resources they need to support their child with literacy. I also want to thank our community partner ROP for providing the entire Crawford community with a free Thanksgiving dinner. I am really looking forward to our Holiday shop coming soon. The shop will recognize students for attendance and also provide students an opportunity to give gifts to their family members for the Holidays.

We continue to need your support with traffic concerns during arrival and dismissal. The safety of our students is our number one priority at Crawford but we need your help. A couple of quick reminders that will support the school and our most precious resource; the students.

  1. Florence is a one way street. Please be sure you are only driving down Crawford towards 17th. It is very dangerous when we have cars going the wrong direction.
  2. Please be sure you are dropping of students in the appropriate location. We have a dedicated area with orange dividers to ensure student safety.
  3. Please cross Florence at the lights on 16th or 17th. We have a dedicated safety monitor at the corner of Florence and 17th.
  4. Please watch your speed and for students and parents crossing the road. Hopefully you have noticed our changes and our new signs.

As winter and colder weather approaches, the possibility exists for storms that would require the Superintendent to order a school cancellation, delayed opening or an emergency early closing. Delayed openings and early closings or cancellations are announced on the radio, TV, and APS website. Just a reminder that students will have recess outside when the weather is above 20 degrees and there is no precipitation.  Please make sure your students are dressed appropriately for the weather.

As the Holidays approach, just a reminder that children love to create and art supplies are a wonderful gift to help encourage them to imagine, create, explore, problem solve, and have a blast in the process! Art supplies don’t have to put a big dent in your wallet. Here is a list of things we use in the art room that are favorites with students. Buy a plastic bin or tote to keep everything in and your budding artists are good to go. I guarantee you and the kids will love these!


   Colored Construction Paper                                               

   Pad of white drawing paper                                               

   Markers                                                                              

   Crayons (regular, fluorescent, metallic…)           

   Oil crayons

   Tape (clear and masking)                                                       

   Scissors

   Pencils (colored and regular)

   Craft foam (in sheets or shapes)

   Colored felt squares

   A box of craft sticks (popsicle sticks)

   Watercolors/brush (these are not very messy, good for at-home use)

   Brown paper bags

   White paper plates

   Glitter Glue

        Save boxes, cardboard tubes, etc. (the kids love creating and building things with them using masking tape.)

   Assorted buttons


Crawford staff know that we need to work together with our families to ensure our students’ safety throughout the day. Please be sure that if you are visiting a teacher that you have made prior arrangements to visit the classroom. Our teachers are always available in the morning and after school if you need to meet with them to discuss a concern. Also, please help us by being sure that you always sign in when visiting the school. All visitors must sign in at the main office to ensure students safety.

Please be sure you visit our website for all upcoming events and important information. Our website address is We regularly update this site. Please check it out!


Thank you again for putting students first! I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season.


Michael Abdale


Crawford Elementary School