It’s hard to imagine we have been in school for one month already! Thank you for making the start of this school year so good. We appreciate all of your support. I truly cannot thank you enough.

Thank you to all of the parents who joined us for our community dinner and back to school night. The events were a tremendous success and we look forward to hosting more opportunities like this in the near future. Families who attended both events left with great resources!

Please be sure you visit our website for all upcoming events and important information. Our website address is We regularly update this site. Please check it out!

As your students may have told you, we are implementing Random Acts of Kindness as a school wide curriculum to support our students. Random Acts of Kindness believes that a quality school starts with starts with one: One compliment, one smile, one kind act, one person. We want to be sure that our students can focus on learning and the curriculum will support students in strategies to make their school day successful.

I 100% appreciate all of the support I receive from the Crawford community. In order to make this the best place for students I ask you to remember a few important items.

Birthday parties and classroom treats

Treats must be prepackaged. We cannot accept items made in the home. Food should be brought in single servings, such as cupcakes or cookies rather than cake, to minimize the handling of the food that is served.

Classroom visits:

Just a reminder that you are always welcome to visit at Crawford. However, our instructional time is very important to us. If you need to speak to the teachers please schedule an appointment. During the day our teachers are focused on working with students and are unable to have individual conversations with parents.

Please sign in:

You’re always welcome to visit Crawford but you must sign in. Whenever you are in the building, please sign in at the office and get a visitors sticker. Students’ safety is our number one priority and we need to be sure that all people in the building have signed in and are accounted for.


We do not have adult supervision on the playground until 8:00. Please be sure that your students do not arrive before that time.

Great news:

We now have a parent volunteer that supports helping students to cross the street after school on Florence. Student safety always comes first

Thank you again for a great start to the year!

Michael Abdale