Crawford Elementary utilizes the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBiS) program to encourage our students in demonstrating positive behaviors and to reward them for their good choices. PBiS is a pro-active, researched based, school-wide systems approach of positive behavior supports. When paired with effective instructional strategies, PBiS sets the stage for student success and achievement.

Since Crawford believes in the importance of global leadership, we outline expectations based on the word CARE that aligns with being a global citizen:

Acronym and Belief Statement

Student Behaviors and Understandings

C - Communicate

I will communicate how I feel and communicate with others to keep everyone safe.

I will collaborate with others to solve problems.

A - Action

I will participate in my learning and own my behavior.

I will take action to keep my community safe and focused on learning.

R - Recognize Perspectives

I will listen to others' perspectives and understand how they feel so we can work together as a community.

I will see the world from others' eyes to show respect and empathy.

E - Explore

I will explore the world around me by asking questions and persevering.


Cougar paws are awarded randomly to students for demonstrating the positive behaviors, CARE. Every Friday we will have a drawing for Cougar Paw Winners who will receive a small prize or an extra recess. Cougars CARE!!


Classes can be recognized with GOLDEN Cougar Paws by staff other than the classroom teacher. Classroom teachers offer incentives based on the number of golden cougar paws the class earns.


One student per class that has displayed the different aspects of CARE will be recognized as "Student of the Month" by the classroom teacher or from another staff member. Students will receive a certificate and then there will be a quarterly walk of students on the month winners. Student pictures are displayed monthly just inside our main hallway.