Crawford Elementary has now joined many other schools in using the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBiS) program to encourage our students in demonstrating positive behaviors and to reward them for their good choices.   PBiS is a pro-active, researched based, school-wide systems approach of positive behavior supports.  When paired with effective instructional strategies, PBiS sets the stage for student success and achievement.

Since the school mascot of Crawford is the Cougar, the staff created an outline of expectations based on the word ROAR - Respect Ownership, Acceptance, and Responsibility.  


Cougar paws are awarded randomly to students for demonstrating the positive behaviors, ROAR.  Students will have a cougar paw taped on their shirts so you know when your child has received a Cougar Paw.  Every Friday we will have a drawing for Cougar Paw Winners who will receive a small prize.  Cougars Roar with Pride!!


Every week classroom teachers count their Cougar Paws and send the number of Cougar Paws they have down to the office. The office staff  writes down the totals. The class with the most Cougar Paws for their grade will get to take with them a Giant Cougar Paw, like the one in the attached picture. There is one for each grade K-5. The classes are asked to carry this Cougar Paw with pride as they go from place to place in the building (example: specials, lunch, etc.)

 Giant Cougar Paw

Teachers use this incentive to teach positive behavioral expectations with  students. "Look at Ms. Nelson's class walking in line. I can see how they earned the Giant Cougar Paw. They are very Responsible walking with their hugs and bubbles." "Wow class! You have been showing such Outstanding Effort lately. Hopefully we can win the Giant Cougar Paw if we continue to earn our Cougar Paws." "We need to show Cougar Pride when we walk in the hallway with the Giant Cougar Paw. The whole school is looking at us to model  Respect, Outstanding Effort, Acceptance, and Responsibility"
Each quarter a teacher selects a Student of the Quarter who has displayed all of the different aspects of ROAR. The students' families are invited to celebrate the students' accomplishments at an assembly. Students receive a certificate of achievement and their picture gets displayed on the wall by the front entrance of our school.